We are: Awesome (says Darcey. This was agreed upon by everyone else. We are a very modest bunch).  We are also a theatre collective who believes there is just as much merit in silly theatre as there is in “daring new theatre”, both for the audience, the actors, and the sustainability of theatre in a world of TV and movies. 

While some theatre has always been serious, some theatre was the original sitcom. We believe that theatre, as a form of entertainment, should be entertaining. We love theatre. We think you should too. We also think that we have the brains, the heart and the courage (not to mention the ruby shoes) to make theatre that you might enjoy. If we are being totally honest and not just cheeky with a pun: the purpose of No Porpoise will always be to create quality theatre that is imaginative, inventive, and a joyful celebration of what it is to be ridiculous human beings.  How lucky we are that life is such a series of adventures!


WORTHY ( a Creative QUest)

Introducing our latest creative quest to research and write a play about King Arthur and kidney transplants.
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WHAT we Do

Sharing is caring and we are happy to share all our secrets with you. We are friends after all. 


... and maybe are doing again. A preview of our previous productions and what other people said about them.